Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Reincarnation Of Attack Watch

In the last few days, the Obama Campaign has resurrected an old, familiar feature to their 'Truth Team' website, bringing back the online form where you can snitch on your fellow American(s) if he/she/they dare speak against of Our Glorious Leader's Administration.

This all reminds me of the big debut of Attack Watch last September. Like many other conservative bloggers, I took part in the feast of mockery, and added myself to the roll call of amateur and professional writers who 'turned themselves in'.

Your bushy-tailed correspondent was looking at an old post from that week, entitled "Snitching On The MOB". My intent in writing the piece was to illustrate the absurdity of  'ratting out my fellow conservative members of The Minnesota Organization of Bloggers'. In America, we don't turn our neighbors in for disagreeing with our government. That's something they did in totalitarian dictatorships.

On the Sunday following the publishing of said post, I discovered that Mitch Berg had written about my post in Shot In The Dark.info. My initial reaction was, 'WOW! I HAVE ARRIVED!'

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