Sunday, May 20, 2012

Freaky Thursday (The Story Of The Minnesota Vikings Stadium Deal)

I have a movie idea:

From the producers of "Freaky Friday" (the 1976 movie starring Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster, about a Mother and daughter who switch bodies), we bring you "FREAKY THURSDAY". This is the story of the 2012 Minnesota Vikings stadium deal.

Come and behold the wackiness, as the tax-and-spendaholic DEMS act like fiscal conservative Republicans, and squishy Republicans decide they just can't say 'no' to Viking owner Zygi Wilf.


It's strange to see Roseville liberal John Marty sounding like Mr. Right KTLK's Jason Lewis, while Republicans give away the store! What the heck is going on?

Reporter #2:

It appears that the Democrats and the Republicans have switched bodies! This is Freaky!

Shots of Vikings fans in purple jerseys and warpaint parked on the steps of the Capitol, singing "Skol Vikings!"

Republican legislator: We can pay for this billion-dollar football stadium with electronic pull tabs.

Voice #1:.... but Democrat Governor Mark Dayton also wants this deal.

Voice #2: Whether it's welfare or Wilfare, at least he's consistent.

Starring Craig Ferguson's wacky robot skeleton side-kick Geoff Peterson as Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton.

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