Thursday, May 17, 2012

Newsweek's Dumb, Perverse Distraction Of The Week

In the new edition of Newsweek, the cover story "The First Gay President", goes off the leftist cliff into unabashed perversion.

The cover depicts The Messiah with a rainbow-colored halo around his head. The magazine not only suggests that the narcissist-in-chief may be gay, but in their insane, twisted worldview....this makes him downright holy.

The country is being conditioned to accept and welcome perversity. This week in WorldNet Daily's Whistleblower Magazine, "The Alinsky Code", WND describes the American people becoming confused and intimidated into silence by the Alinskyites currently in power. In a way similar to The Matrix movie, most Americans are going along with it in a kind of dream state.

It's getting downright Orwellian. The Obama state-run media depict morality as hate, criminals in this country illegally are referred to as immigrants, charity is replaced with entitlements. and so on.

Meanwhile, it is very easy for the rest of us Americans to be distracted and outraged by shocking magazine covers, but we need to remind ourselves that is why Obama's allies create these daily controversies. This is their slight-of-hand away from Our Little Dictator's disastrous presidency.

As we are being revolted by magazine covers that shock and insult us, Obama and his Czars are busy killing the country, fundamentally transforming America into something horribly unamerican.

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