Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Archie From Queens Checks In

Last week, the SNL skit that is the Obama Administration attempted to distract America from the President's disastrous record by pandering to the gay lobby.

After hemming and hawing, The President finally told America that he supported both same-sex marriage AND states rights. Wow, #gutsy call.

Within hours of this ground-breaking statement, the Obama's lapdogs SUDDENLY DISCOVERED a 50-year-old accusation that as a teenager, Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and some high-school chums held a school mate down and cut off some hair.

The victim may or may have not been gay.

Meanwhile, The Messiah attended a fundraiser at actor George Clooney's spacial digs, after making up with his angry gay base.

Turn the page. This week, The Messiah appeared on the cover of  Newsweek mag
azine  as "The First Gay President?"

The RedSquirrel Report thought that we would have our regular guy back to explain this, Archie from Queens. Take it away, Arch:

Well, it looks like the jack-a$$ is in favor of queer marriage. Big whup. Now, he's on Newsweek. The first mulatto fag commie president. I'm so proud.

The news media has its undies in a bunch over that Mormon Mitt Romney being a bully over there at Cranbrook Prep School 50 years ago. All this crap in the news almost makes me forget about what a miserable mess Obama has made of this country. For a second there, I forgot how disgusted I am wit' this crappy economy.

Then you got George Clooney and Babs Streisand payin' $40,000 a friggin' plate at their Hollywood shindig. Why don't you sodomite clowns just STIFLE IT? You got NOTHING to complain about.

We have about 27 weeks to Election Day. I'm just wonderin' what the mulatto and his lapdogs will say this week to distract this country from this disaster in The White House. One of these days. I'll bet Time Magazine will have the following cover story:

Groundbreaking Expose: Mitt Romney IS STRAIGHT,

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