Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Democrat Primaries: Meet The Candidates

Attorney John Wolfe
Something tells me that the Obama state-run propaganda ministry may just be lying to us. I keep hearing that the Obama/Romney match-up is neck and neck, yet Democrat primary voters seem to be waging a mutiny against Our Glorious Leader.

Maybe the numbers ARE lying, but we know 43% of Democrat voters in the Oklahoma primary voted AGAINST Obama, while in West Virginia,  convicted felon Keith Judd got 42% of the vote. This week, attorney John Wolfe collected 42% of the Democrat primary vote in Arkansas. In Kentucky, nobody ran against Obama, and did surprisingly well, receiving 42% of the vote.

Sure, Obama is the incumbent. We are sure he will be his party's nominee, Still, The RedSquirrel Report believes that in order for the voters to make an informed decision, people should get to know all of the candidates.

Waitaminnut, I can't do this with a straight face. I just like seeing the Narcissist-In-Chief continue to be embarrassed by his own voters. Here is a partial slate of Democrat superstars who stand in incumbent Obama's path to his party's nomination.

Keith Judd, Texas prisoner #11593-051. Received 42% of the vote in the West Virginia primary. Unlike the incumbent, he didn't promise to bankrupt the state's crucial coal industry.

John Wolfe, attorney, took 42% in the Democrat primary in Arkansas.

The Texas primary is on May 29. Maybe there's a convict on death row that can make it on the ballet. Since DEMS support the dead voting in general elections, even a recently-executed convict could give Obama a run for his money.

On June 5, we have the California and New Jersey primaries. This avocado could give Obama a run for his money in The Golden State. We believe that this green vegetable has created more jobs than The President has.

In New Jersey, we're putting our money on this wind-up chattering teeth toy. At least this toy won't try to ram an unconstitutional health care law down our throats, so we like his chances.

See ya at the polls!

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