Wednesday, May 9, 2012

In Flatulent Dinosaur News....

Last week, scientists made the claim that global warming during the Mesozoic era was caused by dinosaur flatulence.

However, archaeologists this week have made a startling discovery during a dig in Peru. They believe that they have found the real cause of global warming. Lead Archaeologist Sir Ian Twittinham explains:

Oh Yes, we were digging around over there, when we found this incredible object. It was two tyrannosaurus teeth tied together with a flinty residue on it. It was then we realized that this object was a prehistoric LIGHTER!

Yes, we stumbled on to the REAL reason for global warming thousands of years ago. It wasn't just dinosaur flatulence. The real cause of global warming was that these creatures lit their own farts.

Apparently, these were very smart creatures. I guess we were wrong believing their tiny brains equalled lack of intelligence. Somehow, they knew that they released methane.

The force of a dinosaur's lit fart must have been powerful enough to knock down a tree.

The real mystery was how they were able to do it with their tiny, short arms. Perhaps, particularly brave cavemen would sneak behind the creature and do 'the lightning'.

I believe that we have hot rain forests today because the dinosaurs lit their farts. It also shows conclusively that these creatures also had quite a sense of humor.

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