Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Obama's Cult Of Personality

Yesterday, Mitch Berg posted in Shot In The Dark ("Submitted With Neither Reason Nor Comment"), the music video for "Cult Of Personality" by Living Colour.

With this self-worshipping media hog we have sullying The White House, the song is just as relevant as when it was released over twenty years ago.

You cannot turn around without seeing of hearing Our Wonderful Leader, blabbing on endlessly, while his sycophants have put his likeness on the flag and on basketballs.

The last three years has been a non-stop blitzkrieg of lies, media hype, and state-run idolatry.

He seems to be on the cover of Newsweek and Time magazines EVERY week, peeing on our foot and calling it rain. He and his leftist czars are busy dismantling our laws and our national identity, and replacing it with something horribly alien to most Americans.

Every day, we are supposed to be enthralled by his gospel of self-congratulation and sickening, insufferable narcissism, or risk being labeled a 'racist'.

Just let me explain it THIS WAY. Boys? Hit it.....

Look at the news, what do you see? His Cult of Personality
He offered hope, and offered change, Now America has been re-arranged
Obama's Cult of Personality

Like Fidel Castro, or Mugabe
He says 1 + 1 makes 3
It's his Cult of Personality, Cult of Personality, Cult of Personality

You voted for him because he's black
Nobody knew he was an inept hack
Three years later, Dubya's to blame
State-run media plays their game

He'll be anything he needs to be
Even a gay Amish Cherokee
It's his Cult of Personality

He exploits you, because you're P.C.
He's that smiling face on your TV
The Cult of Personality, The Cult of Personality, The Cult of Personality

He does the slow jam, Even though it's lame
Then says, "Dubya is still to blame".
I am all that Julia will ever need....

I AM..........

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