Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Team Obama Presents: Children Of The Damned

Adolf Hitler had his Hitler Youth, Communist Russia used the kids to spy on their own parents, and America has it's own communist president who's willing to use children to retain power.

In the new Obama campaign ad, Democrat larva sing 'We Are Children Of The Future.' With each excruciating verse, these brainwashed crumb-crunchers decry a host of horrors, and blame their parents. Here's a short sample:

We haven't killed all the polar bears / But it's not for lack of trying
The Earth is cracked / Big Bird is sacked
And the atmosphere is frying

We're the Children of the Future
American through and through
But something happened to our country
And we're kinda blaming you

Either Team Obama are trying to offend us, or they're trying to make us laugh. This unintentionally comical, ridiculous song begs to be parodied.

I prefer my version:

Obama killed the coal industry / He killed Keystone too
Solyndra's a fraud / He thinks that he's God
But we are blaming you

He attacks the private sector / and says ,'You din't build that.'
Corruption and sleaze / America on it's knees
He acts like a ten-year-old brat

Obama turned his back on Benghazi / while the consulate burned
Brave Americans were killed/ while the MSM shills
They don't seem concerned

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