Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Will Mark Levin Buy Sesame Street?

As the debate unfolded on Wednesday night, Mitt Romney suggested that as President he'll cut funding to the Public Broadcasting Company. He said that he liked Big Bird and debate moderator Jim Lehrer, but that Public Broadcasting could easily keep operating without the taxpayer's footing the bill.

Of course, you'd expect the left to have a hissy fit over that.

Sesame Street earns hundreds of millions of dollars a year on merchandising alone. Even the producers readily admit that they don't really need taxpayer money to keep The Children's Television Workshop going.

Enter conservative talker Mark Levin. Late last week, he proposed that he and a team of investors buy Sesame Street. Your bushy-tailed correspondent finds this idea intriguing, for there could be big changes in store if a big-name conservative suddenly took over the show:

For instance, Levin could hire his old boss, Edwin Meese, to teach Bert and Ernie about The Constitution.

Conservative author and Twitter maven Kurt Schlichter could be hired to host a daily segment, #ConservativeLifeCoach. He could wear a whistle around his neck, and teach all the 26-year-old children how to behave like self-sustaining adults.

I'm also hearing rumours that talk-show host and Sesame Street beat reporter Guy Smiley may be replaced by this guy.

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