Sunday, October 7, 2012

Obama's Denver Debacle

On Wednesday night, presidential challenger Mitt Romney resembled Manny Pacquio, riddling Our Glorious Incumbent with an impressive command of facts and life experience. Barack Obama spent the night getting his head snapped back repeatedly.

The challenger offered practical solutions, while the incumbent wanted to get into a ideological fight. Mitt Romney knows the economy because that's what he does. Everything that Obama knows about the economy he learned in a college faculty lounge.

The challenger had debated other terrific Republican candidates earlier this year, while Our Glorious Leader spends his time sharing yuks with Letterman, Fallon, and the ladies at The View. The President was used to speaking before adoring, swooning supporters. On Wednesday night, he tried to speak of  'evil corporations sending jobs overseas', but kept getting interrupted. Darn that debate format.

By the time it was over, Democratic strategists were in shock.

Yet, it could have been even worse. The former Massachusetts Governor could have used the words 'money-laundering scheme' to describe Solyndra- and that the money could've hired 2,000,000 teachers.

The President and his challenger will debate two more times. The next debate will concentrate on foreign affairs. I'd like to know how Obama will defend his horrendous record. Recently, he jetted off to Las Vegas as our ambassador Chris Stevens was being raped and murdered by a bloodthirsty, psychotic mob. Perhaps The President had a high-level meeting with advisers Siegried and Roy.

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