Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Vice-President Forgot His Ritalin

During the Vice-Presidential debate on Thursday night, Joe Biden laughed at, scowled, and interrupted counterpart Paul Ryan over 80 times. It appears that he also tried to blind his opponent, showing him his ultra bright teeth throughout the 90-minute debate.

He acted up like the 7-year old that the neighborhood hates. Perhaps Our Dear Leader forgot to give Crazy Joe his Ritalin or something.

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer opined that Biden did a terrific impression of Jack Nicholson in 'The Shining'.

During the debate, he spinned several whoppers. He made the startling claim that the consulate in Benghazi didn't ask for help before the attack on September 11. He also spoke against both the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, although Biden conveniently failed to mention that he voted to approve force in both cases.

As a Catholic, he approves of taxpayer-funded abortion. For some reason, the  discussion of bloodthirsty Iranian mullahs and 'nuclear weapon delivery systems'
seemed to hit Joe's funny bone.

But it was Biden's obnoxious, disturbing behavior that made him 'the star of the show'.  The debate was probably a draw, but Biden's incessant mugging and acting up probably costed the incumbent ticket the votes of Independent and women voters.

It appears that Biden has multiple mental disorders. Hairplug-Neuron Bidenosis? Hyena Complex? JackAssparger's Syndrome?

Our Vice-President is a nutcase. Someone should run some tests on him.

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