Monday, November 5, 2012

Behold, The Democrat Vote Fraud Machine

Presidential challenger Mitt Romney has opened a small lead on incumbent Barack Hussein Obama, yet many in the Obama media are telling us that Our Dear Leader has the lead.

Republicans are overlooking an important factor when looking at poll data. Democrats cheat and lie relentlessly.

They are trying to build a bandwagon effect, and discourage Romney supporters. They do this while accusing conservatives of voter suppression.

Lenny Curry, the Chairman of the Florida Republican Party, received a letter falsely stating that he is ineligible to vote. Many other Floridians have also received this letter.

They were all Republican. The authorities are looking into this.

In Ohio, or as Barack Obama spells it, Oiho, busloads of non-English speaking Somalis are being bussed around the state, and 'instructed' to vote for 'Brown'. Our sources believe that 'vote for Brown' means Ohio's uber-leftist Senator Sherrod Brown.

Hugh Hewitt wrote a book a while back, 'If It's Not Close, They Can't Cheat'. The radio host gives conservatives a heads-up concerning The Democrats penchant for dirty election tricks involving dead voters, Dems voting multiple times, and voter intimidation.

Here in Minnesota, we are voting on a new voter I.D. Law. Some Democrats believe that The Gopher State has no vote fraud problem. Of course, if you win elections by cheating, you're not going to see vote fraud as a problem.

I refer to Secretary of State Mark Ritchie and his cohorts as 'ElectionStealers R Us.'

All across America, Romney voters are complaining about touch screen machines that change votes for Romney into votes for Obama. It's strange that these machines never change an Obama vote to a vote for Romney. Your bushy-tailed correspondent recommends that you always triple-check your vote.

Recently, a plane carrying ballots for active duty military went down. I'm sure that was only a coincidence.

I think that Mitt Romney will have to win the popular vote by at least 7 points just to win a clear victory. Barack Obama and his armada of lawyers are ready to contest the election if it's even close.

Oh, and this just in: 40 buses from Chicago have arrived in Iowa. Must be vacationers or something.

If you see voter fraud, or something that doesn't look right, call The National Election Integrity Hotline at 855.444.6100.

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