Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Living On A Prayer 2012

Last Spring, 80's rawk icon Jon Bon Jovi took a ride on Obama's Air Force One, so we at The RedSquirrel Report gave him a good ribbing.

I was thinking about Bon Jovi's big hit, "Living On A Prayer". If you remember, the song about desperate times came out during that horrible time of economic degradation ....The Decade of Reagan.

Whatever happened to Tommy and Gina?

Now our economy is in the toilet, and our working-class hero Jon Bon Jovi is jetting around with our Cloward and Piven disciple Barack Hussein Obama, and attending glitzy fundraisers while the middle class has it's incomes stolen by QE3.

What America really needs is for our Jersey-born troubadour to make a remake of this iconic song of the 80's, and update it. It would go something like this:

Tommy used to work at the coal mine
Obama took his job, now he's down on his luck- It's tough. So tough.
Gina worked at Solyndra
It was a money-laundering scheme that went belly-up.- So tough.

She says, "These food stamps is all we got.
as we wave goodbye to our foreclosed lot.
Just like Fast and Furious, our future's shot
But we love Obama. We're proud Obots."

Bon Jovi, like he cares
If we are Living On A Prayer
As he rides around on Obama Air
While we're Living On A Prayer


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