Thursday, January 5, 2012

That Obama Is One Busy Little Marxist Beaver

2012 is only 4 days old, but our little community organizer has sure been one busy Marxist beaver, taking his "War On America-American Tour 2012" Campaign to Ohio.

Speaking before a receptive audience of well-trained Democrat seals (cough cough: public school), who barked and clapped along, the Messiah railed against Congress.

"The DASTARDLY Republicans wanted to cut your payroll taxes for a year, while I fought like hell for a 2-month payroll tax reduction! I am not going to wait for Congress to write laws anymore! In case you missed the memo, The United States of Obama is a glorious dictatorship by decree!"

Meanwhile, Our glorious ruler as recess-appointed Richard Cordray as the head of the brand new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, even though Congress isn't in recess. If this was the NFL, it would be a little like starting the second half with only one team on the field.

Oh, and he also wants to cut a trillion dollars from our defence budget.

I'm starting to think that our glorious leader isn't keen on the separation of powers.

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