Sunday, January 15, 2012

RedSquirrel Suspends Candidacy

In a shocking development in The Minnesota Organization of Bloggers Mayoral race, candidate J. RedSquirrel has announced the suspension of his campaign.

"I am suspending my campaign....ten minutes after the final results are announced", the candidate typed softly, sitting alone in his small apartment.

The candidate committed a cringe-worthy gaffe on the final question. During the debate, sponsored on The Kool Aid Report blog, the moderator told the candidates that in their written replies, there cannot any punctuation, no letter 'b's, or no capitol letters used.

In the text of candidate RedSquirrel's answer, he referred to 'receiving generous contributions from the russian mafia'. Also, the candidate committed a second offense when he ended a sentence with a question mark.

Many political pundits agree that RedSquirrel's career in politics is doomed. We will find out on Monday, when the voting starts.

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