Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Valerie Jarrett And The Gospel Of Obama

On Sunday, Senior Obama Advisor Valerie Jarrett stood at the pulpit of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta (Martin Luther King Jr's Church), and gave her testimony to 'The Messiah'. No, not Jesus Christ....the other messiah, Barack Hussein Obama.

On the day before MLK Day, the renowned slumlord and White House crony delivered a partisan sermon. Here is a portion of her remarks, translation courtesy of our Truthteller 3000:

"I'm pleased to see so many BLACK DEMOCRAT voters this morning. Can I get an amen? Remember, we will have a voter registration drive afterwards, and if you'd like to contribute to our Messiah's re-election, we will be passing around the collection plate for that purpose....

Change is hard, but we've come a long way. It seemed like only yesterday we had to sit in the back of the bus, and drinking fountains were segregated, But nowadays, I can order a white, 5-star general in his full-dress uniform to fetch me a glass of champagne! Hey Garcon', TOP THIS OFF!!!!

Now, ANYTHING is possible, because of our Messiah!

It used to be that we were livin' in chanteys and slums. Now, we ARE the slumlords. Hello Grove Park Plaza, hello Tony Rezko. Oh, happy day!

In the bad old days, The United States of American battled Communism. Now, we ARE the government. Don't worry, Van Jones. We have a place for you in the White House.

But, all our progress is in peril. Teachers and firefighters and police, whose jobs are in jeopardy because Congress, well let me be more specific, because the
REPUBLICANS want your kids to be uneducated, your houses to burn, and your families to be murdered.  

In fact, I'll bet that it was really the rascally Republicans who denied us The Chicago Summer Olympics 2016. I was gonna make a fortune off that! Damn those Republican devils! Can I get an amen?

Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday. All you government employees have the day off. I think the best way to honor the memory of Dr. King is volunteer for The Messiah's re-election. Be sure to pick up your 'Obama 2012' t-shirt as you leave."

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