Friday, June 20, 2014

My Update

11:00 a.m. Today, I bought 3 shares of RWOW (Republican War On Women), and also started a private cause, (AFGCC) Americans For Global Climate Change, then immediately bought 100 shares at 25gc (galtcoins) a share.

My goal is for AFGCC to go public by the end of the day.

I bought 2 shares of SIIF (Stay In Iraq Forever). It's up 2.5%

I hope to start another private cause, (CFK) Cigarettes For Kittens sometime next week. I'm also wondering if David Duke is running for public office in 2014.

(Disclaimer: One of the rules of is that you don't discuss anything that goes on in, so it's a little like Fight Club. This post is meant as a parody of what lying, liberal wienies apparently think we conservatives believe and the causes we would support. Normal Americans. even libs, don't really believe that conservatives believe in causes like RWOW and AFGCC).

Generally speaking, libs are full of crap, and so I mock them.

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