Sunday, June 22, 2014

An RSR Exclusive: Newly Discovered Writings Of Nostradamus

Michel de Nostredame (known to most people as Nostradamus) was a 16th century French philosopher who predicted future wars, the rise of Hitler, and the assassination of two Kennedy brothers. The RedSquirrel Report has recently uncovered more incredible, accurate predictions: 

In the year 2 thousand and 8
The Evil One will arise from Hawaii, or Kenya, or Indonesia
and the idiots will elect him. Twice.

Isis will rise, slicing off heads. The trail of blood will lead to Baghdad.
Boko will take your daughters into slavery. 3 hundred families weeping.
Barak will fire back with a mighty hashtag. Then go golfing. 

Eric the Lawless will sell firearms to the dangerous Aztlan drug dealers
breaking laws at a Fast and Furious pace, destroying lives
The Eagle cries out for justice, while King Barak laughs, then Dear Leader attends another fundraiser.

Barak sleeps soundly, while 4 are killed.
There's a more important matter to attend to. Namely,
another fundraiser in Vegas.

In Nov. 2 Thousand and 8, we will turn Their votes into Our votes
disenfranchising those voters who defend freedom
Donkeys will vote Twice, or Three, some even Four, Five, Six times
And The Dead will arise out of their sleep and Vote.

The Rich and powerful will wine and dine on lobster and sweet potato pie and the fattest, richest foods with The Queen 
Then, a Silver Bird will take The First Family to Aspen, to Hawaii, to expensive vacays
as peasant children go hungry-----at public schools
The Queen says the peasant children are too fat. 

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