Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hillary Clinton: Hard Choices (Page 158)

We were FLAT BROKE. We were up to our lying eyes with legal costs, and had purchased a second mansion in New York.

I had to make visits to the plasma center to pay the mortgage. I would have to make roughly 40,000 more visits to pay it off, and had to explain our situation to my daughter Chelsea. Soon, she would be enrolling in college.

I surreptitiously made a deal to sell our future grandchildren to Uncle George (Soros). Knowing Chelsea, I knew she would understand.

However, for the time being, Bill and I knew we needed money, so he scheduled MORE speaking engagements. raking in $750,000 per appearence.  I had to sell the silverware I stole from The White House in January 2001, and had to also sell almost half of my collection of pantsuits.

It was a scary time. I didn't know how many bimbos were going to come out of the woodwork, and sue Bill for harassing them.

We decided that I would make a run for the Senate. That would be a great way to make lots of money quick. We decided to pick a real safe state where a carpet-bagging Democrat can easily win. Of course, New York was the logical choice. 

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  1. The hardest choice Billary had to make was whether to buy new pantsuits - or "let out" her existing wardrobe