Monday, June 16, 2014

Jackie Mason: How Low Can These Evil Democrat Schmucks Go?

Our Correspondent Jackie Mason sends us this:

Oi Vey! This lying, evil schmuck Obama lies about Benghazi, lies about The IRS, lies about EVERYTHING. Then, he opens his daily liefest with, 'Just let me be clear.' The only thing clear is that he's a liar!

Let me translate: When Obama says 'Just let me be clear,' he's really saying,' Do not interrupt me while I'm lying my ass off.' What a dirty-rotten schlemiel!

These evil, conniving  Democrats are always in the gutter. When Eric Cantor lost the Republican primary, these Dirty Demonrats chalked it up to 'Jew hatred'. If there's something Democrats know, it's Jew hatred. Lying creeps.

As these bloodthirsty, insane Islamo-fascists chop off heads, and rape women, Obama and his idiotic robots spread this baloney about 'Republican War On Women.'

He's willing to break every law imaginable to beat The Republicans, using The IRS to harass and intimidate The People, yet thinks that a hashtag is gonna stop those psychotic animals Boko Haram. God help us.

Now, we have a humanitarian crisis. Kids from Central America are being 'housed' at army bases in Texas and Arizona, because this jack-ass is trying to overrun the country I love. What a bastard.

 I'll bet his OFA creeps are probably registering these kids to vote this November.

The Jerk-In-Chief welcomes the traitor Bowe Bergdahl to the White House, while American hero Andrew Tahmooressi remains handcuffed to a dirty bed in a Mexican prison. Shameful.

That dirty schmuck Schumer wants to do away with the 1st Amendment, that jack-ass Keith Ellison wants to do away with The 2nd Amendment, somebody wants to do away with the 3rd, 4th, and 5th.

And these clowns take an oath to uphold and defend The Constitution? These people are crazy. We should keep Camp Gitmo open, and put all these Democrat criminals in there.

Well, that's it for now.


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