Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Local News Media And Government Officials Celebrate The Opening Of LRT's Green Line

On Saturday, the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul opened the Central Corridor Green Line, as members of the Metropolitan Council and local TV stations celebrated this incredibly expensive boondoggle with city officials. Our correspondent observed this celebration of big government, and filed this report:

On Saturday and Sunday, the Twin Cities officially opened the 'green line', connecting Minneapolis and St. Paul. Everyone got to ride for free.

There was music, clowns, and a 'bar crawl' along the route.

Our friends at KARE 11 celebrated with a carnival, with pizza and hot dogs. They also set up a dunk tank. We had to call a doctor for anchor Julie Nelson, who fainted from the excitement of Saturday's festivities.

Over at WCCO, news anchors and reporters delivered breathless praise for our local government and their newest boondoggle, then interviewed the riders. All of the passengers approved of the free ride, and agreed that the new train was 'beautiful.'

FOX 9 anchor Jeff Passolt boarded the train in a clown costume, and made animal balloons for the kids.

We spoke to Met Transit spokesman Bill Barnard, who excitedly told our correspondent:

When the history of the Twin Cities is written, today will be remembered as the greatest day ever. This was the day that our two great cities were FINALLY connected. The Minneapolis Star Tribune described it as 'A Rail Of Two Cities.'

In closing, our correspondent spoke to one of the new drivers, who said this:

Some critics will describe this project as a 'boondoggle' and 'dangerous'. I stand by our record. In the testing phase, we had only four minor accidents, and not a single fatality..

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