Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Chief Lying Weasel Speaks With Forked Tongue

Recently, Our Kenyan Dictator visited the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Nation in Cannon Ball, North Dakota, and made ANOTHER SPEECH.

Our correspondent was there. He sends this report:

 Thank you, Mighty RedSquirrel

 President Lying Weasel brought his long list of grievances against America, telling his audience that America has a long, terrible history of mistreating us, THE FIRST AMERICANS.

Obama said that America turned their black brothers into slaves and the workers of today into virtual slaves, refusing to raise the minimum wage.

Holy bear crap! Does he ever stop bitching? I wonder if he's like this when he's with his wife, Queen Moose Jaw....

He went on to say that America has a long, terrible history of spreading the evil of capitalism and the disease of freedom. The white settlers stole our land and gave everybody smallpox. Then, some paleface bought a football team, and named it The Redskins to add insult to injury.

Actually, I thank The Great Spirit In The Sky for the white settlers because they introduced something else....CASINOS!

My family and friends are swimming in money. We like it when hard-working Americans make lots of money, then visit us here at Running Bear Casino. Everybody should come down. Next week, Yakov Smirnoff is appearing in our Rainbow Room.

Meanwhile, Chief Lying Weasel has killed jobs. He destroyed the coal industry, The Keystone XL Pipeline, and destroyed many more jobs via Obamacare. 

He's not satisfied with just redistributing wealth. Now he's redistributing dangerous diseases like Tuberculosis, Chicken Pox, & Scabies by trafficking under-aged children from Central America.

I guess giving our ancestors smallpox is wrong, but giving a white man TB is a-o.k. We all know that he's sold guns to dangerous Mexican drug dealers.

President Lying Weasel speaks with forked tongue, and much bull crap passes from his lying lips. God help us.

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