Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Who Are The Real Bullies Here?

Last week, the Democrats in The Minnesota State Legislature passed 'anti-bullying' legislation. Like a lot of people, I remember being bullied in Junior High. It never dawned on me that I needed The Minnesota State Legislature to stop my tormentors.

Critics of this legislation believe that this law is unnecessary. Schools and school districts have policies in place, and it should be there where they deal with students behaving badly. Some may even say that this legislation is a gift to pro-gay voters.

While we're using the government to stop bullies, how about a law stopping the Bureau of Land Management from bullying landowners like Cliven Bundy?

There should be a law protecting us from gay fascists who target and bully people who believe in traditional marriage.

And while we're at it, let's do something about the bullies at The Obama IRS who persecute conservative 501C3 non-profit organizations.

How about a law for people victimized by the thieves and the child molesters at The TSA?

Then, there's always Obama's allies, The Muslim Brotherhood and those mega-bullies at The Council of American-Islamic Relations?

Let's not forget the government schools who bully children into being submissive, compliant little Marxist cogs. Colleges harass and persecute conservatives. Where can a student go after he or she is bullied by their Marxist college professor?

Who are the real bullies here?

Last year, conservative writer Ben Shapiro wrote "Bullies: How The Left's Culture Of Fear And Intimidation Silences America"

Our Alinskyite despot Barack Obama is the 7-year-old bully on the playground. He is abusive with power, childishly sneering at his opponents. He uses intimidation and harassment to shut his critics up.

Last year, neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson got a phone call from someone at The White House suggesting that he 'apologize to The President.' His offense? Carson made a speech critical of Obamacare.

Obama stole millions of healthcare plans like a bully stealing everybody's lunch money. Freedom-loving Americans should punch the bully in the nose and take it back.

We will have an opportunity to beat back the bullies in November. See you at the polls.

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