Thursday, April 10, 2014

Beware Of The S.L.O.B. (Senate Legislative Office Building)

Let's just say it. The Democrats in the Minnesota State Legislature are thumbing their nose at us. It's like they believe nothing can stop their insane, vulgar spending.

Now they want a brand-new, $90,000,000 Senate office palace. The big spenders must believe that they deserve it. Detractors are referring to this project as 'S.L.O.B.' (Senate Legislative Office Building).

This calls for a song parody. Remember that wild horror movie from the 50's 'The Blob'? It had a really catchy theme song:

Don't pay for The S.L.O.B.
They spend and send our tax dollars right out the door 
they want.... some more 
It's only 90 mil
We'll pay.... the bill
Beware of The S.L.O.B.

Beware of The S.L.O.B.
These hacks just tax n' waste money on expensive stuff
we've had....enough
Let's vote them out
right on.... their duff
Don't pay for THE S.L.O.B. 

Big-Government Minnesota Democrats also remind me of the jelly-like monster in that the more it feeds, the bigger it gets.

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