Sunday, April 27, 2014

Minneapolis City Hall Hard At Work On The Issues That Matter Most

While motorists in Minneapolis are disappearing in gaping potholes all over The City of Lakes, it's great to know that our city officials are hard at work on the issues that matter most.

New City Council member Andrew Johnson has introduced a new ordinance that would ban Styrofoam containers within the city limits. It's wonderful to know that our overlords have solved the violent crime problem, and are moving on to more important matters.

The Minneapolis City Council voted Friday to change 'Columbus Day' to 'Indigenous People's Day'. For people displeased with skyrocketing property taxes, this comes as very welcomed news.

Not to be out-done, our newly-elected Mayor Betsy Hodges donned an Islamic hijab, as she met with imams who supported her in last November's mayoral election. We're not sure if she'll wear a habit when she sits with Catholic supporters. We're checking to find out if our Bolshevik Mayor knows any actual Christians.

Meanwhile, the female dhimmicrats on The Minneapolis City Council and our lesbian Police Chief proclaimed February 28 'Hijab Day', and they donned the Islamic garb.

It's very re-assuring to know that the new regime is hard at work on the issues that most Minnepolitans care about. We can't wait for Mayor Hodges to start officiating those mass Islamic same-sex marriages.

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