Thursday, March 27, 2014

Our Correspondent Robin Leach Follows FLOTUS To China

Last week, First Lady Michelle Obama took ANOTHER taxpayer-funded vacay. The globe-trotting First Lady took her daughters Malia and Sasha, as well as her Mother on a trip to China.

Our correspondent Robin Leach tagged along:

Champagne hopes and caviar change for jet-setting First Lady Michelle Obama, as she takes another taxpayer-funded vacay, this time to The Far East!

On Monday, she spoke at a Chinese elementary school. She was surprised to learn that the schoolchildren in China are better fed than their American counterparts. For some reason, the schoolchildren in America throw away their lunches which consists mostly of rabbit food.

One little Chinese schoolgirl told The First Lady that her mommy tells her to finish her

dinner or the schoolchildren in America will starve.

Michelle told the children about her victory garden as well as her 'Let's Move' campaign for physical fitness. In Communist China, you need an internal passport (Hukou) if you want to MOVE from one area inside China to another.

Still, her Chinese hosts were interested about her 'victory garden', the very term sounding quite communistic.

Then on Tuesday, she spoke at a women's conference, where she complained about the War on Women in America. China has a mandatory one-child policy, aborting baby girls to control over-population. I'm sure that the women of China are grateful they have a government to make decisions for them, as opposed to America where women have to make that difficult decision. 

Later in the day, The First Lady spoke about religious freedom before The National People's Congress. Michelle wow'd her audience, proudly speaking about her husband's persecution of Christians. She received a standing ovation from the communist party officials who run China.

Mrs. Obama also met with members of China's state-run news media, and then promised to have them visit America to meet with members of America's state-run media.

Next, Michelle broke out the credit cards, and bought some high-priced jewelry for her dogs.

Finally, the tone-deaf First Lady attended a state dinner with the super-rich party elite before returning back home.

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