Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Reid Sagehorn Update: School Vice-Superintendent Is A Former Turkish Prison Guard

Minnesota High School Senior Reid Sagehorn was almost arrested----over a tweet.

In January, he and some friends were goofing off on Twitter, when one of his friends asked him if he has made out with a young female gym teacher.

Actually, yes, he sarcastically tweeted.

After school officials from The Elk River School District found out about his 2-word tweet, they suspended Reid for two months. The youngster was an honor student, and captain of the Rogers High School football and basketball team. Over-zealous school administrators and law enforcement officers threatened to bring charges against him and the teacher.

Then, Reid's fellow students began the hashtag #FreeReid on Twitter, because they know what most people know. Kids will goof around and occasionally do or say dumb things.

This story reminded me of 7-year-old Hunter Yelton, who was also suspended from school last year for kissing his female classmate on the hand.

Recently, your bushy-tailed correspondent was watching the 1978 Turkish Prison drama Midnight Express, a movie about another youngster dealing with an over-zealous, cruel government system.

After watching this movie, I made an incredibly amazing discovery....

Elk River School District Vice-Superintendent Roy Hamadu (pictured) became an American citizen in 1980. Before that, he was a prison guard in Istanbul!

Our roving reporter confronted Hamadu on this revelation. He quickly admitted that he wanted to take a stick and beat Reid Sagehorn's feet over the offending tweet.

That explains everything.

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