Sunday, March 16, 2014

What Will Liberals Ban Next?

This week, liberals added the word bossy to the constantly-growing list of words that they would like to ban.

At one time, the word liberal meant 'open-minded' and 'tolerant.' In recent decades, liberals have been on a cultural and civic jihad against almost everything that may cause enjoyment or enhance someone's life.

Why are these liberal busybodies so incredibly hell-bent on controlling every aspect of our lives? They appear to be unhinged, psychotic control freaks in a constant war against normalcy and common decency, while imposing their godless values on the people.

On January 1, 2014, the incandescent light bulb was banned. In January, New York Governor  Andrew Cuomo wanted to ban conservatives! Commie libs on American universities have created a list of banned words, instituting speech codes.

In the 1960's, devil-crazed atheists banned God from American classrooms, then The Ten Commandments. Now, the communists who run public education are referring to our little dictator Barack Obama as The Messiah.

When brain-dead government schools teach little kids that Barry is 'the Messiah', America becomes more like North Korea than The America where we grew up. When Obama sends a message to his OFA minions 'You are doing God's work.' you have to wonder which god he is referring to. Yahweh? Allah? HIMSELF?

I always thought these Stalinist maniacs wanted to separate church and state.

Meanwhile, The First Moocher is on a crusade against fatty foods. The kids have responded by throwing their school rabbit food into garbage cans across America. Former New York Mayor Nanny Bloomberg banned salt, fat, and large, sugary drinks.

In the 90's, smokers became second-class citizens because the busybodies decided that since smoking indoors is 'unhealthy', it should be banned. Now, the health Nazis want to ban e-cigs because they look unhealthy.

All this makes your bushy-tailed correspondent pause and ponder the following question:

What will liberals ban next?

I'm thinking that liberals will try to ban bacon next. Bacon contains more calories than a rice cake, and people like it.

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