Monday, March 17, 2014

Tommy Chong: Forcing A Girl To Freeze Is 'School Policy'? That's Effed Up, Man

On February 26, St. Paul's Como Park High School ran a fire drill. Fourteen year old Kayona Hagen-Tietz was in the school's swimming pool as the fire alarm went off.

The other students walked out into the cold, morning air. This day it was 5 below outside, with a wind-chill of 25 below, and Kayona only had a swimsuit and a towel.

Hagen-Tietz said that she and another student was rushed outdoors by the teacher, and was left freezing for 10 minutes. Finally, other students huddled around her and she was given a jacket and something to cover her feet.

She got frostbite. The school is supposed to look out for and protect the students, but in their adherence to 'school policy', she was not allowed to go where it was warm. Once again, a government school fails their test in common sense.

So, we asked counter-culture rebel Tommy Chong what he thought about this story:

Wow man, keeping a student outside in only a swimsuit and a towel? That's so effed up! There should have been at least one teacher there to tell her to just stay inside.

It's only a drill.

Her parents should be really pissed off. If Kayona was my kid, I'd be tearing the principal a new one. I hope her parents hire a really mean lawyer, and he sues these nonsensical dumb-asses.

What the hell is wrong with these government schools? A seven-year-old is suspended for kissing a female classmate's hand, and another kid is threatened with arrest over a tweet? Now, these idiots tell a little girl to freeze. School policy, my ass.

I'm also concerned for these millenials. They're too trusting of authority. If the teacher tells my daughter to go outside in 25 below wind-chill with only a bathing suit, I tell my daughter you can just tell the dumb ass teacher to 'go fly a kite. I'm putting my clothes on first.'

You have to learn to rebel against stupidity.

It's a good thing to question authority, especially when it looks like they're trying to kill you. During The Vietnam War, some kids burned their stupid draft cards, and risked going to prison instead of letting themselves be conscripted into a war the government refused to win.

As you know, I've done my share of drugs, but I have to wonder what that idiot teacher was on when he/she told Kayona to go outside in those elements.


Tommy Chong

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