Monday, March 17, 2014

Communists Protest $100 Mil Donation To Hospital

Last week, the highly-demonized Koch brothers donated $100,000,000 to a hospital, and apparently that was just too much for a leftist mob protesting the donation.

The RedSquirrel Report sent our reporter to this protest, and caught this speech from SEIU official Ronny Ratzer:

Damn those generous tea-baggers (The mob boos loudly)

The Koch Brothers are right-wing corporatists. Did you know they also contribute to RETHUGLICANS? We disapprove of Citizens United because these corporatists are NOT PEOPLE!!! UNIONS ARE PEOPLE!!!! (The crowd cheers).

In fact, Rethuglicans aren't people. Most of them are RACISTS, because they don't worship our messiah, President Barack Hussein Obama...mmmm....mmmm....mmmm....

We protest this donation because we want quality care, NOT KOCH CARE!! If the hospital accepts a charitable donation from these two, quality of care WILL SUFFER! (The crowd boos).

If the hospital accepts this money, the orderlies will begin throwing old people down the stairs and pushing patients out the windows! I simply cannot stand by and watch someone who was severely beaten by our SEIU thugs receive care from a hospital that accepts money from The Koch Brothers! (The crowd cheers and boos)

The eeeevil Koch Brothers give away an incredible amount of their Rethuglican blood money each year. We think they're doing this to cheat on their taxes. (The crowd boos again).

We know everything these two do because Our Messiah sicced The IRS on his enemies and Obama Campaign Chair Jim Messina harassed Mitt Romney's donors during the 2012 campaign.

To all you Rethuglican corporatists who snidely ask, 'Why don't you commie rent-a-mobs get a job?'

We say, 'Saving America from The Koch Brothers IS OUR JOB.' (The crowd cheers wildly).

All hail Our Messiah!

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