Sunday, January 5, 2014

The RedSquirrel's New Year Resolution For 2014

Your bushy-tailed correspondent resolves to anger, annoy, ridicule, foil, lambaste, and drive leftist busybodies and weirdos crazy in 2014. To normal Americans, I say this:

Remain cheerful as we keep fighting. If we do this, we shall reach our crush our enemies, to drive them out of power, and hear the lamentation of The Regime's mainstream news media, as well as sissified, dependent pajama boys everywhere.

As we do battle with the Kenyan despot in The White House and his leftist minions, I shall keep reminding myself that The Tree of Liberty is re-nourished with the tears of progressives and powermad jack-asses. (Thank you, @exjon from Twitter)

Obamacare must be rejected, and it's supporters must be removed from power. The people must increase our majority in The House, and create a new, pro-freedom majority in The Senate. Then, we must put an end to The Obama Regime.

My friends, this is my New Year's resolution. God Bless.

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