Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sister Mary Knuckles Review Of The 56th Annual Grammy Awards

The 56th Annual Grammy Awards were on Sunday night, and so we asked our Faith and Religion Correspondent to review the program:

God Bless, you snickering little rodent.

I didn't even watch the 56th Annual Grammy Awards. I had Sister Beatrice tape the show for me. Needless to say, after viewing this pornographic, satanic pile of donkey crap, I decided to call Father McDonald to perform an exorcism on my television.

During one of the music productions, they performed a mass same-sex wedding ceremony for all the sodomite pervs in the audience. I would have liked to seen that out-of-control hoodlum Justin Beiber throw eggs at these satanic, kinky weirdos.

Then, they brought out those no-talent hacks Jay-Z and the missus, Beyonce'. She gyrated her ass for all the Sir-Mix-A-Lot wannabees in the audience. There was plenty of lascivious bumping and grinding throughout the program. I'll bet that half of the audience will probably have unmarried sex after the show, and want their abortions payed for by the taxpayer. 

Get your hands on you desk, so I can smack 'em good and bloody!

Then, young miss Katy Perry was burned at the stake. It was the highlight of the program. I'll bet her Pentecostal preacher father is proud of this out-of-control demon child.  

Madonna looked like the man on the Quaker Oats box. What was that? Product placement? I didn't know she converted to Quakerism. Maybe soon she'll stop defiling the name of the mother of our lord.

God Bless.

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