Thursday, January 16, 2014

GLAAD VP: Christians Should Stay In The Closet

Liberal fascists are on the warpath, as A&E had suspended Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson, a grade school suspended a 7-year-old child for 'sexual harassment', and King Barack has suspended The Constitution.

Mr. Robertson was suspended by A&E following his statements in a GQ article concerning homosexuality, which he called a sin.

After getting an earful from the fans of Duck Dynasty and proponents of free speech, The A&E Channel saw the folly of suspending the popular Duck Dynasty patriarch, and reversed their decision. This outraged the always-tolerant gang at GLAAD.

The RedSquirrel Report believes in sharing ALL points of view, so we invited Gavin Barris, Vice President of the New York Chapter of GLAAD to SHARE his FEELINGS concerning the re-instatement of Mr. Robertson. Take it away:

First of all, I am absolutely OUTRAGED that The A&E Channel re-instated that homophobe Phil Robertson. That inbred hick has insulted the gay community with his statements. I am hotter than a flaming pink peacock. 

How DARE that......CHRISTIAN show his face in public? He has a right to exercise his religious beliefs, just not in the public square. It says that right in the First Amendment.

We have taken over the universities and public education. How it is even possible for bitter-clingin' bigots like Mr. Robertson even be allowed to have his own television show? This is INTOLERABLE!

Speaking of tolerance, I am so glaad that the Muslims are on our side of this important issue.

Thank you.

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