Thursday, January 30, 2014

Somewhere, Melissa Harris-Perry Is Still Apologizing

Melissa Harris-Perry was forced to apologize for making fun of Mitt Romney and his adopted black grandchild on her MSNBC program. We at The RedSquirrel Report asked Ms. Harris-Perry if we could follow her around for a few days.

Welcome to the world of Melissa Harris-Perry.

It appears that Ms. Harris-Perry is constantly apologizing for one thing or another. As our correspondent spoke to her at a Manhattan cafe, one of her fans stopped by the table and told her to stop making liberals look stupid.

"Why the heck did you wear those tampons on your ears? What the hell is wrong wit' you?"

The MSNBC host looked up, and apologized profusely to the woman.

Then, our correspondent and Ms. Harris-Perry visited the elementary school she attended. The Principal recognized her:

Melissa Harris-Perry! I saw your show where you said that 'all your childrens belongs to us. What the hell is wrong wit' you! America is NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT THEIR CHILDRENS BELONGZ TO US! YOU'RE BLOWING OUR COVER!'

The MSNBC host apologized to her former principal.

She spends very little time on show prep, and a lot of time answering angry viewer mail. She sends a standard apology form letter to many angry viewers. She also apologizes for the hateful, obnoxious things that MSNBC's race-baiting contributors Michael Eric Dyson and Al Sharpton say.

I asked her about Martin Bashir's on-air statement where he suggested that someone ought to defecate into Former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin's mouth.

"Martin Bashir? Don't even get me started on Martin Bashir," she said as tears welled in her eyes.

Welcome to the world of Melissa Harris-Perry.

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  1. Isn't it time for MHP to stop apologizing and just wear a dunce cap everywhere she goes.