Sunday, December 1, 2013

MSNBC's 2016 Prime-Time Schedule

In a couple of years....

Chris Matthews 'Hardball' will stay in the Weekday 7:00 time slot. 'Hardball' is like our never-ending 7:00 service at The Church of The Jug-Eared Commie. Just Lean forward, and kneel before the TV.

At 8:00, pencil-necked hipster Chris Hayes will get pummeled nightly in the ratings, until his program is moved to Sunday. After that, our
very own race-baiting buffoon Al Sharpton will move into the 8:00 time slot, where 'the reverend' will be a' hatin' on all those tea-baggin' honkys and Jews....

The Rachel Maddow Show will be moved to the 9:00 time slot. This move was made a year ago after Mr. Maddow was roundly slaughtered in the ratings by her more attractive competitor on that other cable news channel.


We will move psychotic misogynist Martin Bashir to The Saturday 7:00 time slot. Remember when Bashir suggested that somebody should defecate in former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's mouth? 

Ooooh, now THAT'S the in-depth, insightful commentary we provide here at MSNBC.

Then, the intellectual soul of MSNBC Toure' sits in for Ed Schultz at 8:00, who's on another hiatus for his insulting, hateful remarks towards conservatives.

We're not sure if our unhinged homophobe Alec Baldwin will show up for his 9:00 show. He might be somewhere, assaulting a reporter. 

As for Sundays, where we experience our highest ratings, we are thinking about filling your TV screen with color bars.

That's all for now. Lean Forward.

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  1. Yeah, all those positive changes and I still won't watch.