Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Red Forman: Pajama Boy Needs A Kick In The Ass

Our strange, unamerican President has introduced normal America to 'Pajama Boy', a smirking, onesie-wearing hipster-douche in a new effort to sell ObamaCare to young people.

Our correspondent Red Forman is here for some insight concerning this development:

What can I say? I carried a really big gun in Korea, and this effeminate douche can barely lift his tiny cup of cocoa with both hands. This jerk-off must have Carpel-Tunnel Syndrome.

Apparently, our president believes that this will be an effective way to sell Obamacare to the young people. I'm starting to get REALLY concerned for the future of this country if this is what the leader of the free world thinks of our young people.

In this weird ad, Pajama Boy advises Americans to 'wear pajamas', 'drink some hot chocolate', and 'talk' about health care. I wonder if this knucklehead has ever had a job, or ever crawls out of his pillow-fort.

He probably thinks that being an annoying onesie-wearing weirdo is a full-time job.

I can just imagine Christmas dinner with this doofus. My all-American wife, Kitty has cooked a kick-ass dinner, and I'm kicking back with Cousin Bob and his son Sluggo who's home from Iraq....

 ....and this annoying jack-ass in his jammies hijacks the conversation. He wants free healthcare. He has a crush on Barry.

Finally, I can't take it anymore. I tell him to go sit at the kid's table, while us ADULTS discuss the real-life HORRORS of Obamacare.

I thought my son Eric was an idiot. My son Eric looks like Douglas MacArthur compared to this insipid weirdo.

Pajama Boy needs a kick in the ass. That's all for now.

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