Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sister Mary Knuckles: CommieCore Is Satan's Lesson Plan

And now, Our Faith and Religion Correspondent is here to share somes thoughts on the new federal CommonCore educational standards. Take it away, Sister Mary Knuckles:

God bless, you snickering little rodent reporter.

CommieCore is the new national educational standards, brought to America by the spirit of Anti-Christ himself. Little children are mandated to sing the praises of the mulatto Marxist creep in The White House. In one perverse, wicked textbook, Barack Hussein Obama is referred to as 'THE MESSIAH.'

To people of faith, it is deeply blasphemous.

If he's The Messiah, then my fellow Catholics pray to Mother Madalyn Murray O' Hare. God forgive us.

Someone should inform these un-American weirdos that normal Americans don't worship their politicians. The last time I checked, this wasn't North Korea. We defeated Hitler and opposed the commies, and now America is indoctrinating her young people in the same, sickening manner.

In another lesson plan straight from Hell, children learn that the government is always right and must always be obeyed.

Tell that to the Native Americans who experienced the 'trail of tears.' I suggest that educators check out the new book by Glenn Beck 'Miracles And Massacres.' then tell me if you STILL believe the government is always right.

It's time to scrap CommieCore, and let people control their own education locally.

Until then, put your Satan-worshipping hands on your desk so I can smack 'em bloody, you bureaucrat bastards.

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