Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sock Puppet Monkey Disarmed (Situation Averted)

A potentially dangerous situation was averted at The Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport last week, as 7-year-old Ralphy Jacobson tried to sneak his little sock puppet through airport security.

The sock puppet monkey had a little holster with tiny gun accessories.

Luckily, intrepid TSA Agent Ahmed Al-Alalal-Alal spotted the weapons, and alerted airport police. He explains:

His mom and dad were having their luggage inspected, and I noticed the offending toy monkey with what looked like tiny guns in the little holster. He should have known about our zero-tolerance policy.

I calmly called an airport cop, who inspected the gun-shaped toys. He told the boy to 'drop the monkey', and step away.

The boy seemed confused, so the cop yelled louder. The boy dropped his little monkey, and it looked like he was about to start crying. His parents gave the cop a dirty glare, then comforted their son.

We disposed of the tiny, gun-shaped accessories, and took the monkey. Chances are, it's in our no-no box, full of shampoos and stuff. One of our agents will probably take it home.

Come to think of it, that little sock puppet would make a great Christmas present.


  1. You forgot to mention the name of the cop was Muhammad Mahmed Mohamed