Monday, October 7, 2013

Prezzy Stompy Foot's Theme Song: My Way

The partial government shut-down began on October 1, and Prezzy Stompy Foot is determined to make everything as painful for the American people as he can. He wants Obamacare fully funded, but The House Republicans control the government's purse strings.

The House GOP have offered to fund the government, except for Obamacare, but the Democrats in the Senate have would rather shut it down if they don't get everything they want.

As usual, our 6-year-old president is behaving like a bully on the playground. He doesn't believe that he EVER has to compromise, and so he has decided to stop governing. He looks like the brat in the grocery store, kicking and screaming for a candy bar.

The adults find it rather embarrassing.

The crying brat in The White House demands that he has to have everything go 'his way'. To explain this, we have an Elvis impersonator sing Barry's new theme song:

And now, October is here
and so we face this government shutdown
Just let me be clear
Pain is coming to your town
So, I will close the memorials and 
some highways
And so, I'll Stomp my foot until you
sees things MY WAY

Me, and Harry Reid
will get our Obamacare funded fully
It's the law of the land
We are your overlord bullies
I said, 'You didn't build that.' I said it in a
a snide way
And so, my media will smear you, until
you do it MY WAY

Oh what is The House
What powers do they have?
The Constitution

makes me laugh
I refuse to compromise
Instead, I will just lie
The record shows, my presidency blows
You better do it MY WAY

I destroyed so many jobs
and then I went on vacation
This job is so below me
I want to run The United Nations
To think I won again
I say things in a sly way
But Ted Cruz and Rand Paul
are getting in MY WAY

Oh what is the law?
It's whatever I say
DC gets the exemptions
while you have to pay
If you call me ...a great big liar
I'll stomp my foot, and get my pacifier

The record shows, You're getting hosed
I have to have it MY WAY

The record shows, My presidency blows
I have to have it MY WAY

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