Thursday, October 17, 2013

Was Prezzy Stompy Foot Preparing To Close Disneyland?

Last night, The House of Representatives joined The Senate in selling out the American people, caving in to Prezzy Stompy Foot. The bully-in-chief wanted to raise the debt ceiling, and was willing to bring America to the brink of default to get his way.

The Indonesian despot ordered our war memorials closed to our war heroes, then sent in police to intimidate our vets.

He ordered businesses closed, placing barrycades and orange construction cones all over America. It probably costed more to pay government employees to shut all this down than to just allow them to stay open.

This infantile jerk was determined to make this partial government shutdown as painful as he could.

He went to ridiculous lengths to force The GOP to cave to all his childish demands. He accused The GOP-controlled House of wanting to cause America to go into default, and haughtily refused to negotiate with them. Then, he accused THEM of being unreasonable.

He closed Mount Rushmore, The World War 2 Memorial, the Vietnam War Memorial, as well as businesses with the smallest connection to the federal government. I hear he even closed off the ocean to fishermen.

Many Americans wondered, "What will this prick close next?"

How about Disneyland? I'm sure that Prezzy Stompy Foot thought about it. It is The world's happiest place, and I'm sure that it was too much to take for this Micky Mouse President. If he couldn't get what HE wanted, then NOBODY will allowed to have fun, dad gummit.

Maybe the spoiled child-king considered closing down the sky. No more air travel! Ground the airlines! In fact, don't look up! Dear Leader will order his personal civilian police force to confiscate your telescope!

He closed Mount Rushmore. How about a burka over this national treasure? If The GOP had hung on for another week, Obama would have ordered a hijab be placed over The Statue of Liberty.

Doofuses like Charlie Rose and Tom Brokaw can discuss his political affiliation, and that they STILL DON'T KNOW who Barack Obama is. Real Americans know that Obama is a horse's ass and the biggest jerk this country has ever seen.

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