Thursday, October 31, 2013

It Wasn't Me (Obama Remix)

Someone is responsible for Benghazi, Operation Fast and Furious, The bugging of our allies, various IRS 'scandals', the harassment of FOX NEWS, the on-going Obamacare disaster, Solyndra, The NSA scandal, the stimulus rip-off....

....but it isn't the president. He knows nothing, nothing. Does he know ANYTHING about his own presidency?

He's so gosh-darn brilliant, yet nearly everything associated with his presidency has been a disaster. He takes no responsibility for anything except for killing Osama bin Laden and keeping General Motors alive.

When he's not blaming former President George W. Bush, the finger-pointing child prezzy blames his enemies, The Tea Party, and the imperfect history of Western civilization. When it comes to his ineptitude and rampant wrong-doing, we are supposed to disbelieve our lying eyes.

He reminds me of Shaggy's 2000 pop hit 'It wasn't me':

They caught me red-handed
stealing a trillion dollars
rewarding  friends with stimulus
The tea-baggers began to holler

I can't keep my lies straight
about what I said about Benghazi
I blamed it on a video
and sent out Susan Rice and

How can you grant that woman access to The White House?
There's four dead heroes, so just cling to the story.
Just say that you found out while reading the newspaper
Plausible deniability

To be a great leader you have to know how to lie without shame
state-run media will help you pass the blame
never admit fault and make crazy claims
tell your low-information voters you too want change

Angie Merkel caught me spying
(wasn't me)
Fox News caught me lying
(wasn't me)
They found out 'bout Fast and Furious
(wasn't me)
America is furious
(wasn't me)

Everybody hates Obamacare
(wasn't me)
Don't blame me, It isn't fair
(wasn't me)
They want to impeach me over Benghazi
(wasn't me)
I'll just send out Jay Carney

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