Saturday, October 19, 2013

Future Obamacare Horror Stories

Happy Halloween, everybody!

Since Obamacare debuted with a huge, disastrous thud on October 1st, we are hearing weird tales of Americans unsuccessfully trying to sign up. We laugh as liberals on TV fail in their on-air demonstrations on how to sign up for Obamacare.

We are learning that a Canadian company CGI Federal was paid $634,000,000 to develop the website. Just think of all the people we could have treated with that money.

The website ALONE might be a bigger rip-off than Solyndra.

The administration had several YEARS to create, yet they apparently didn't bother to test it. Now, we hear that if somehow YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL in getting in, you will open yourself to hackers and identity thieves. Well, isn't that special?

We're hearing stories of people losing their health care plan, their full-time jobs being eliminated, and even Obama allies hating this law. I wonder when we will begin hearing stories like these:

"I finally got myself signed in, but learned that I had accidentally sold my soul to THE DEVIL!!!"

"Hey, it was easy. They gave me a choice----between the gold death panel, the silver death panel, or the bronze."

"When I finally got in, I somehow open the door to the unmentionable place. My navigator looks like one of those cenobites. Whoops...."

"I signed in, and the government stole my identity. Then, they charged $287,935 on my credit cards. D'oh!!!"

"My navigator was an illegal alien. He might be one of those Fast and Furious guys. I better go now."

My prediction is that Stephen King will write a horror novel about Obamacare within the next ten years. If America exists 20 years from now, people will sit around campfires and tell Obamacare stories.

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