Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Million Vet March Storms DC

On Sunday, scores of American war veterans defied our despot from Indonesia, and visited our war memorials in Washington DC. King Barack had barrycades set up and DC police to harass our heroes, but that didn't stop our defiant patriots. In the past, they fought The Nazis, The Viet Cong, and many other enemies.

On Sunday, they overcame ANOTHER enemy---The Obama regime.

Our heroes broke through Obama's barrycades, and piled them in front of The White House. These great Americans inspired us with their gumption as many of us followed the story on Twitter and facebook. 

King Barack had ordered our veteran memorials closed as punishment against The American People, because The Republicans in Congress were not ready to give in to the petulant brat. He shut down the government because he always wants more power, whether it's to raise 'the debt ceiling' or the power to take the purse strings away from The GOP-controlled House of Representatives.

Here is a photo album from the One-Million Veteran March on the Memorials:

The day started for these troublemakers as they sang God Bless America.....IN ENGLISH!!!

These must be those 'right-wing anarchists' I keep hearing about....

"Mr. President, we have a problem. The right-wing extremists have broken through the barrycades."

"Guys, if you're here to disperse the illegal amnesty rally...You're too late. That was Tuesday."

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  1. Obama loves illegal aliens and hates Veterans. That sucks!