Monday, October 7, 2013

There Are Plenty Of Memorials That Obama Kept Open


Dear America,

The White House regrets having to close the World War 2 Memorial and Mount Rushmore, but Dear Leader HAS kept many vacation spots and national monuments open.

If you're planning a trip to Barack Obama's hometown of Chicago, why don't you visit Alinsky's Tomb or The Voter Fraud Hall of Fame? You can also visit The Thousand Point of Blight Memorial, formerly Valerie Jarrett's Grove Parc Apartment Building.

There are places in Washington DC that remain open, including The Obama Czar Wax Museum and The William J. Clinton Toll Bridge to Nowhere. You can also visit The Statue of The Part-Time Worker.

 Also, Detroit is still open. The entire city is a monument to one-party, Democrat rule.

You can also visit The Hall of Animatronic Communist Weirdos.

Until we can re-open the government, keep the pressure on Those Republicans terrorists and anarchists who shut the government down.

Keep fighting.

Brent Proctor, Organizing For Action

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