Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Maybe Norway's Dead Voters Stayed Home

Last month, Norway's incumbent liberal Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg was voted out of office. Australia's liberal Party, led by Kevin Rudd, was voted out of power.

Two liberal state legislators in Colorado were recalled in a special election and conservative German President Angela Merkel's Christian Democrat Union/ Christian Social Union Party kept their majority.

What in the world happened to all these liberal politicians? Maybe their dead voters stayed home.

They must not be up to speed on the art of stealing elections. Team Obama could have changed the outcome of these recent elections, showing foreign leftists how to use the government to abuse and intimidate their opponents.

Maybe Angela Merkel's opponents could have offered free cell phones.

Also, where in the world was SCYTL? Were they on vacation or something? I wonder if there are any Voter ID laws, or any need for such laws, in Norway and Australia.

There's probably a pronounced difference between liberals in Norway and 'liberals' in Chicago. From what I understand about Norway, their liberals don't lie and cheat in the same manner as the gang from Chicago.

I'd be surprised if I heard that Australia disenfranchised their military voters. After all, Australia is nothing like the Banana Republic of America. It would be unacceptable anywhere outside of Obamanation that a leader could get away with it.

It's unlikely that Norway will ever elect an aggressive Marxist bully like 60,000,000 low-information dimwits in America did. It's nice to know that I can still escape to Australia, Norway, or Germany if Obama begins rounding political opponents up.

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