Thursday, April 4, 2013

What Sequester?

As President Creepy tries his best to make this sequester as painful as possible for the American people, he sends his jet-setting daughters on world-class vacays to The Bahamas and skiing in Idaho. This family has already racked up an impressive five vacations this year.

So, I propose a new reality TV show, "Lifestyles of the Spoiled and Privileged-Starring The Obamas". The producers of this show can do a little side-by-side comparison between how the royal Kenyans live their lives and how normal Americans live. Now that could be downright repulsive.

The viewers can also learn about how Our Dear Leader and his party approved $800,000 to study the sex lives of snails, as they closed down The White House to visitors. We can also watch as Obama demagogue legal gun owners, as he GIVES The Muslim Brotherhood 200 f-16 fighter jets.

It appears that if you are UNLIKELY to support Mr. Obama, then you are punished with sequester cuts, and if you're a supporter, a crony, or if you submit to the lure of easy welfare, then you're in like Flynn.

Meanwhile, Obama is throwing another big, star-studded White House party next week. Are you on the guest list?

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