Friday, April 19, 2013

Leftist Buffoons Hate Profiling Unless They Are The Ones Doing The Profiling

On Monday, two bombs ripped the finishing line of The Boston Marathon. The authorities hadn't even had time to contact the families of the dead, when CNN's very own Wolf Blitzer speculated that the perp was probably someone associated with that ultra-violent death cult, The Tea Party.

Wolfy exists in an imaginary world where conservatives who dare question their government is as dangerous as The Weather Underground or Al Qaeda.

CNN National Security expert Peter Bergin also lives in the same alternative universe, speculating that a 'right-wing extremist' might be the culprit.

Our wacky friends on the left also noted that this attack happened on April 15 (Tax Day). It was also (gasp!) Patriot Day. In Obama's America, after you law-abiding, patriotic Americans are fleeced by the government, you'll be accused of horrible crimes by his state-run media ghouls. You didn't build that. You just blew it up.

As conservatives prayed for the victims, media leftists accused Patriots, tax-payers, The Tea Party, and right-wing Timothy McVeigh wannabees of being possible suspects of The Boston Marathon Bombing. They really hate profiling unless they are the ones doing it. This week, the leftists are desperately looking for a white, conservative, Christian that they can accuse of this horrible crime.

Loony leftist David Sirota (pictured), a writer at Salon, wrote a piece where he HOPED that the perp was a WHITE AMERICAN. He feared that if the perp was Al Qaeda, someone dark in color or Weather Underground, that would set back Obama's leftist agenda.

Alright, Davey, get up off your knees. You're embarrassing yourself.

On Wednesday, the idiocy that passes for news took an even MORE ridiculous turn, as CNN told America that the authorities had a suspect in custody, then retracted the story. Saudi national Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi was named as a suspect, but then it was announced that he was being deported on 'national security grounds.'

Meanwhile, Obama ally and ACTUAL commie terrorist William Ayers enjoys life in academia.

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