Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Newsletter From The Director Of Parks And Recreation

As Winter winds down, I look back and have some very fond memories of the last three months....

On the day of Rand Paul's terrific, inspiring filibuster, I realized that our Senator Al Franken would have been right there if it wasn't for that incredible blizzard that stopped Washington in it's tracks.

Fortunately, District of Columbia police sent a St. Bernard with a barrel of brandy tied around his neck to look for Minnesota's Junior Senator.

The Minnesota Organization of Bloggers held it's Winter Carnival, with King Mitchberg presiding. Mayor Dilettante officiated our Conservative versus Liberal football game in the snow. The Liberals gave it all they had, but lost 0-327.

As The Director of Parks and Recreation, it was my responsibility to hide the official MOB Winter Carnival Medallion. It would've gone without a hitch, but I forgot where I hid it. I promise to not make that mistake again NEXT year.

All in all, our Winter Carnival was a smashing success.

Now, on to a serious matter concerning some questions relating to the sequester. I have received many calls from bloggers across the state, asking if we will be in any way affected.

Be assured that our parks will remain open for everyone to enjoy.

Having said that, I advise everybody to stay tuned. We have some very exciting events coming up in The Spring.

J. RedSquirrel, Director of Parks and Recreation.

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