Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Life Of Julio

We all laughed at Team Obama last April as he rolled out the ridiculous The Life Of Julia, the cradle-to-grave slideshow that describes how Obama (and only Obama) makes a faceless woman's life better.

Note: In The Life Of Julia, Obama is the President for about 70 years. They must have done away with that pesky Constitutional Amendment limiting a President to two terms.

Almost immediately after Team Obama introduced this laughable, completely dependent nobody to the voters of America, the embarrassed Obama campaign banished her to The Island of Misfit Political Campaign Mascots. She was no longer helpful to Obama, so they had to get rid of her.

While we're having this debate concerning illegal immigration, I suggest that we revisit and tweak Obama's idea. Dear readers, I introduce something I call The Life Of Julio.

Here we go: 

Age 3- Julio's Dad and Mom sneak across the border. They show total disregard for our laws.

Age 20-Julio, along with hundreds of thousands of other illegal aliens, drive many hospitals into bankruptcy abusing our health care system. Julio works for a ridiculously low wage, but can't go to the authorities because Julio is in the country illegally.

Age 29-Julio is arrested and incarcerated when American authorities learn he's in the country illegally. Obama releases Julio as part of sequester, and Julio rapes and murders a woman. That outta teach those evil Republicans to mess with Obama.

Age 33-Julio is put in the back of a van, and a man with a purple t-shirt tells Julio to vote for Obama.  The man tells Julio that he better do what he's told, or face deportation.

Age 40-Thanks to our wonderful President, illegal aliens have taken back Aztlan for La Raza. Julio makes a fortune selling drugs, and he buys guns from Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder. Julio is The Man.

Finally, at Age 50-Obama campaigns for Julio, and Julio is elected Governor of Western Aztlan (formerly called California).

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