Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ashley Judd Won't Run For Senate: Republicans Hardest Hit

Your bushy-tailed correspondent still hasn't gotten over the terrible news. Kooky actress Ashley Judd has decided to not run against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in 2014. Your bushy-tailed correspondent would have had alot of fun covering this race.

As you probably know, the actress has expressed many highly interesting views. For instance, she believes that breeding in 'unconscionable'. She also thinks it is awful that Dads give their daughters away in marriage, and that mining for coal is similar to rape.

A few weeks ago, Democrat activists illegally taped a Team McConnell strategy session. The strategists were discussing how to attack the potential candidate. In the world of politics, that's called opposition research. 

Of course, the state-run media said almost nothing about the illegality of taping or bugging your opponents. Instead, they concentrated on the things these Republican meanies had said about the unhinged actress. How dare McConnell and his team use Ashley Judd's own words against her?

Ashley Judd has a history a mental health issues. To the state-run media and Democrats in general, that's a resume enhancer.

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